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As a private joint-stock enterprise founded in 2006, Zhejiang Boyu M&E Industry Co., Ltd always shoulders the top-ranking responsibility to create value for company’s shareholders, drives to enhances the development of bulk material conveying machine industry and offering customers excellent and efficient products and services as the company’s direction, and always adheres to the core philosophy of the company, which are R&D, innovation, precision. As the company continuously makes technological innovation and technology upgrading, sustained efforts will payed to create new value and focus on developing its leading edge in bucket elevator industry. After ten years of efforts, Zhejiang Boyu M&E Industry Co., Ltd has gradually developed into an influential manufacturing enterprise.

Amid the current complicated and changeable economic situation, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, which renders severe challenges to the enterprises’ development. How to make sustainable development and exceeding improvement is the question that every business operator should think about. “As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth’s condition is receptive devotion, a gentleman should hold the outer world with broad mind.” As an economic organization, only by making constant self-improvement and progress can we maintain our vitality. From now on, we will continue to learn from our customers, peer industries with a humble attitude and insist in making technological innovation and management innovation, grasping the major trend of the market. We are determined to build Zhejiang Boyu M&E Industry Co., Ltd an excellent enterprise with core competitiveness, great industry influence and good returns so that our company can become trust-worthy enterprises for customers, making constantly returns and benefits to our shareholders, customers and employees!

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                                                              Board chairman:Qinhua Zhang