Management Philosophy


"Quality is the life of the enterprise". As a professional machinery R & D, design and production company, our company has been implanting the management philosophy of "connecting the product quality to every employee" to every employee since establishment; general manager supervising quality department directly to manage the quality; setting self-inspection and spot check in each procedure; making full inspection of key processes and important parts.


"Good products are made during the production, but not inspection". In quality management, inspection is just one of the most preliminary management means, and the most important thing is to improve the quality awareness and skills of staff. In order to improve the quality awareness and skills of staff, we make around ten times of training per year, and send professionals to enterprises in Germany, Japan and the United States to study etc every year. Through 10 years of effort, we have cultivated a stable team marked with "Boyu".

We comply with the mission of "making all efforts to build 'BOYU electro-mechanical brand, and becoming a leading enterprise in material conveying facility manufacturing industry", in addition to doing quality management in the factory well, we have always been adhering to "quality management" from the moment we receive the calls or emails from clients, to the operation of the products, as well as subsequent after-sales service, and re-tracking service.


Before the sales, we provide the best services, and strive to provide customers with the most cost effective solutions and products; during the sales, we make evaluation and selection of suppliers strictly according to Material Management Manual, and give the best possible products to clients with fine workmanship; after the sales, we provide heartful and comprehensive on-site service for clients, strictly according to After-sales Service Standard Management Manual. All the efforts are made to let customers be assured of buying, and use the products satisfactorily!